Favorite movie

Favorite movie
The thin man

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thing #12 - part 2

Well, I figured out how to add my rollyo search roll to my links, it's under my "linking to others" section. Of course this was after I figured out that I needed to refine my searchroll(s), at least for my benefit.

As to future uses for the rollyo function, I can say that at this point in time I have no specific need for it. But I can see the functionality of the searchroll, if you are repeatedly needing to go to certain websites.

And with rollyo, these sites will be available to you wherever you are; so if you are working at one branch one day and another library branch another day you do not have to re-create your favorites list on internet explorer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thing #12: Your own search engine

Last one from last week. So, I started to read a little bit about rollyo and by little bit I mean whatever is on the home page, which is not very illuminating. After the fog lifted, and I had tried exploring others, I saw this button to take me to the about page. Score!!! A lot more explanation.

I'm still a little bit confused about the whole thing and I don't know how much I will use this feature, but I've decided to dive in and start my account. Okay, account made. I've made a search roll of authors I read, but I'm still confused.

I'll do more on another day. And hopefully figure it out.

Thing #11

Yay! I finally figured out how to put the link in and get it to stay there.
I started trying at the end of the day last Saturday before giving up and trying something else.

I had found Library Thing this last summer. And I added a few books and then forgot to go back to add the rest (I thought I would do it at home). After taking another look around at Library Thing, I think that I want to try their reviewing books option. I took a look at the list that they put up, I'm in full greed mode 'cause there are some books I would love to read.