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Favorite movie
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Am I slightly crazy?

Last week (Wednesday night), I found out that my cousin, Bill from B.C., and his family were coming down to the states. And the best thing was that they were going to bring Granny with them. Their itinerary was to leave on Friday morning, stop in Kelowna for a convention on Saturday, and then onto Washington the next day. This meant that Granny would be spending part of the day in a hotel room or at the convention or both.

Then I started thinking...I'm getting paid this week. It's only a five hour drive to Kelowna. Granny would have a chance to rest and recover, before I threw a big family dinner for her on Sunday. Hmmm...

My wonderfull and loving husband, Todd, said to go. He knows how much I love Granny. So, I talked to my cousin and Granny to arrange it - does she want to come early and which hotel do I go to once I am in Kelowna.

And on Saturday morning, I was so excited to get on the road that I woke up at 4:30am, something that I never do on a normal morning. I had a beautiful morning drive. The sun was up, my sunroof was open and I had my shades on. Everything looked so bright and crisp. The border guard was very nice, he just asked the normal questions "Where are you going? Where are you from? How long are you going to be in B.C.?".

And I was on my way! It was a great drive! I had sunlight, scenery and music. And not too many morning vehicles heading north. :)

My Granny has gotten smaller. But she is still a wonderful woman. We had a nice drive back home. I turned off the stereo so that we could talk. And boy did we talk! (My husband sees where that aspect of me comes from.) The drive back home took longer than the drive going up, because I had to stop a few more times than I had that morning. Plus people were out and about, and driving slow (10 miles under the limit) when it got darker.

But I arrived at Granny's sister's place safe and sound. I had a short visit. And Granny got settled in and ready for a chat with her sister. As for me, I was so ready to get home and lay my head down. This trip, short tho' it was did me a world of good.

The picture that I've included was a view of the end of the road down into Kelowna. Since I was just in driving mode and did not take time to take pictures, I found a scene from off of the internet of what I saw.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back from the land of the sick

Recently, my loving husband passed along a kiss to me. Sadly, that kiss also included the germs for Strep B or Strep Meridian. Now, I had never in my life had strep throat and I had no idea that there was more than 1 copy of strep. I learned that the strain I had was nothing to fool around with. If you have strep B, and you do not treat, and if you got the flu on top of the strep there was a chance that you could come down with pneumonia.

I took my antibiotics like a good girl and never felt anything from the strep until the end. Whereupon, my strep ended and I developed a common cold. My voice barely held out through the end of the week. And I welcomed the week-end, the long week-end since I had taken a few days off. I used that time to rest instead of party and I finally feel symptom free. Woohoo!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bloodfever (bk. 2 in Fever series) by Karen Marie Moning

by Karen Marie Moning

Mac has learned that she is a sidhe-seer. She sees the Fae as they really are and if she reacts to what she sees, they will kill her. And now she will learn that she is not alone. That there are answers to her questions, if she’s willing to join the cause.

Mac is still on the revenge-trail. She wants her sister’s killer dead. And she has learned that she can sense the Fae’s “Objects of Power”, when they are near. Jerico Barrons is a man that is keeping Mac alive; but she doesn’t trust him, since it’s hard to trust someone who won’t answer your questions. But she is going to have to learn to trust his actions over his words. For Jerico, Mac is his key to finding the Sinsar Dubh, the dark book. At least, that’s what we know so far. Mac is still being tormented and tantalised by V’Lane, a Fae who uses sex on human woman turning them into addicts.

This is a great series! The characters are fleshed out and awesome. Mac is an ordinary girl, thrust into extra-ordinary circumstances after her sister dies, and she finds that the world is not as normal as she had once viewed it in the past. Jerico is appropriately mysterious and enigmatic. It is in this book that you can see that he does have an interest in Mac, aside from her being his “OOP’s Detector” (Mac’s words). They have their own agendas and since this is Mac’s story, we can see Mac’s agenda and guess at the others. The action flows quickly and pulls the reader right into the story – makes it hard to put down. This reader is eagerly waiting and lusting for the next book in the series (looks like a 5 book series).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 INTENSE movies

On Sunday this past week-end, my husband, my nephew and I went to see two movies, both of which I've been wanting to see. My nephew had seen one of the movies, but he was okay with seeing it again. The two movies were "Cloverfield" and "I am legend".

For "Cloverfield" there was a notice in the ticket window about motion sickness in viewing this movie. They were correct, wish I had taken dramamine. The movie was intense! It started out nice and low key - people getting ready for a party. After the building shook, things started to pick up when the Statue of Liberty's head came flying out of the air. From that point onwards, I didn't relax through the whole movie. There were people trying to evacuate, there were soldiers and things going boom! The movie followed 4 people (via camcorder) from the party trying to get out of the city, and then they go back to get a friend who's in trouble. And the tension escalates, because we get to see that there is something (giant bug?) attacking the city and dropping little versions of itself or it's soldiers. I'm getting the creeps just remembering some of those scenes. And I have to add that once again the movies put a tourniquet on to a leg that was bleeding - BAD move, unless you want to lose the rest of the leg below the tourniquet.

"I am legend" was the second movie that we saw, after lunch. Another movie with intense scenes, plus some sad ones too. The intense scenes started out simple. He went into a dark building, after his dog, with his gun drawn. So now I'm wondering what is hiding in the dark. And it jumps out at you! It was a human, now it's something else that only comes out after dark. Turns out the hero is a scientist who was at ground zero trying to find a cure for this rampant disease which turns people not immune to it, into monsters; this disease was the result of a cure for cancer. The scientist was sending his wife and child away to a safe zone, when things went fluey and they died. Now his only companion for the past three years, his dog, was bitten by the monsters and he still does not have a cure.

Overall, two good movies that make you jump, and give you the heebee-jeebies. Wish I had put a light-hearted comedy into the mix after those two.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Took a look at "all-consuming"

Since a monthly look is being done at websites. I took a look at this month's offer "All Consuming" and created my own account. I've added a few books that I've read and am currently reading, and a movie or two, so far. There is still a lot more to add and explore. But I'm thinking that this might be a better way to keep track of past and current reading lists, at least over Library Thing. Mainly because I haven't read about a limit on the site, while Library Thing does have a limit of 200 books, unless you purchase a membership.

All consuming is allowing me to keep track of what I am currently reading, which will be nice in the future. But it is the ability to keep track of past books that I have read and liked that is a really nice thing. Sadly, I won't be able to remember every single book from the past. But I won't be saying that in the future if I remember to stay on top of things.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008