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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time to play again!!! #19 web tools

Ooohhh, books, I found the first site that I'm going to look at. BRB with an update. The top 3 catagories: LibraryThing, already done that, have the site bookmarked. The Biblio site has possibilites when I'm looking for a book for myself or as a gift. And the Lulu site is not for me, as I have no manuscripts that I want to publish. Onto the next selection. I've found a possible! It keeps track of events for you and lets you know what's coming up in your area. I've been looking for something like this, I'll have to play with it a bit more to see if I actually like it.

The cocktail builder site is a hoot! I just typed in a few kinds of the alcohols that I have in my cupboard and it gave me a list of drinks. From the list o'drinks to make with vodka, I'm tempted to try "Adam and Eve" and "Kiss of an angel", and I'm not a big vodka fan - the taste is blahg to me. Apparently there's a drink called the "black cat" and all you need is tequila and amaretto (or another almond liqueur).

Under the games selection, "guess the google" was fun. You had to be a fast typer and a good guesser. I had seen and played something similiar at flickr only they used between 4 and 10 pictures. Something mindless that gets your brain moving. The plus side to this game is that it has a pause button, while the other one does not.

Some of the tools that I viewed might possibly work in a library setting, the problem would be to go through each tool and see which ones would not work (downloads needed, registrations, etc.) and not everybody has the time to go through all of those sites.

I tried Zoho....

At first, Zoho looked like a fun new toy to play with and then I tried to publish something to my blog. How many times and ways can you say frustrating? I went to publish to my blog the post shown below, I followed the directions from the FAQ page on publishing to your blog, and EVERY time I tried to publish it gave me this little red sentence that said "blog not available". WHAT??!!! But I've got it open. So I exited and tried again. Same thing "blog not available". And so I copied and pasted to my blog what I had written in Zoho. But all is not lost, I put a link to my zoho-wiki on my blog.

I've played around with Zoho a little bit. I created a list of people to shop for before christmas. And I did to it what I would normally do when I type things up in word. Although the first time that I saved the piece, it pulled all the names together into one line after another instead of leaving it spaced like I had set. This app. seems like it could be an alright situation to use, if you are doing non-sensitive material. But that's just me, 'cause there is no way that I would put sensitive information out-there to hopefully be password safe and secure.

After I made the list I tried to share the document with my husband, in hopes that we would be able to add to it at anytime.

1) Before he can share, he has to be a member. So now he always shows up as offline.

2) He tried to join using his hotmail account. Zoho didn't like that. Hmm, I wonder if I should add his hotmail account as the one to share with.

So, I'm not happy right now with the thing. Next, I put together a wiki at Zoho. And now I have to see if there is a way to publish the wiki to my blog. Not seeing any big instructions so far, back to the FAQ's page. sigh...