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Favorite movie
The thin man

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My soul to take by Rachel Vincent

Just wow! I started this book soon after waking this morning, was almost late leaving for work, and finished it on my lunch break.

The heroine, Kaylee, is in high school, she has lived with her uncle's family since her father sent her there after her mother died. Kaylee has a problem, whenever she sees someone covered in shadows, she has an overwhelming urge to scream, a herald to their death. And she has no idea why. Kaylee is at a teen club that she snuck into with her best friend, dancing with one of the hottest guys in school, Nash, when it starts to happen, again. Soon, more classmates are dying, she wants to scream and Nash knows more about why she is screaming than she does.

Ms. Vincent pulls you into Kaylee's life, gives you an understanding as to her loneliness, in the midst of family, and anger at her father for leaving her behind. And the passion and unfairness that she feels to not be able to save someones life when she knows that they are going to die.

Definitely going to be reading her other books.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Some girls bite by Chloe Neill

I loved the book. The heroine is gutsy. The hero, if he is one (we will see), is a 400-year old vampire. Neither wants to attracted to the other, but luckily for us, no choice.

The main character, Merit, is great! She's attacked, throat torn by a vampire. Another vampire saves her life by changing her into a vampire; and the vampires can't understand why she's mad and angry and confused, oh and let's not forget grateful. But she handles her change in life and status, by holding close to the relationships that help define her, best friend and roommate, Mallory, and her grandfather. The snarking (love that word) between Merit and Mallory is hilarious, it provides Merit with normality.

Ethan, the master vampire of Cadogan House who changed Merit, is definitely an alpha male. He is in charge. He is the protector. And he is Merit's biggest challenge, because she would prefer to avoid him and his attitude.

I enjoyed this visit to Chicago. And shall definitely be going back for another visit into Chole Neill's world.

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Some girls bite
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