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Favorite movie
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bloodfever (bk. 2 in Fever series) by Karen Marie Moning

by Karen Marie Moning

Mac has learned that she is a sidhe-seer. She sees the Fae as they really are and if she reacts to what she sees, they will kill her. And now she will learn that she is not alone. That there are answers to her questions, if she’s willing to join the cause.

Mac is still on the revenge-trail. She wants her sister’s killer dead. And she has learned that she can sense the Fae’s “Objects of Power”, when they are near. Jerico Barrons is a man that is keeping Mac alive; but she doesn’t trust him, since it’s hard to trust someone who won’t answer your questions. But she is going to have to learn to trust his actions over his words. For Jerico, Mac is his key to finding the Sinsar Dubh, the dark book. At least, that’s what we know so far. Mac is still being tormented and tantalised by V’Lane, a Fae who uses sex on human woman turning them into addicts.

This is a great series! The characters are fleshed out and awesome. Mac is an ordinary girl, thrust into extra-ordinary circumstances after her sister dies, and she finds that the world is not as normal as she had once viewed it in the past. Jerico is appropriately mysterious and enigmatic. It is in this book that you can see that he does have an interest in Mac, aside from her being his “OOP’s Detector” (Mac’s words). They have their own agendas and since this is Mac’s story, we can see Mac’s agenda and guess at the others. The action flows quickly and pulls the reader right into the story – makes it hard to put down. This reader is eagerly waiting and lusting for the next book in the series (looks like a 5 book series).

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