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Favorite movie
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 INTENSE movies

On Sunday this past week-end, my husband, my nephew and I went to see two movies, both of which I've been wanting to see. My nephew had seen one of the movies, but he was okay with seeing it again. The two movies were "Cloverfield" and "I am legend".

For "Cloverfield" there was a notice in the ticket window about motion sickness in viewing this movie. They were correct, wish I had taken dramamine. The movie was intense! It started out nice and low key - people getting ready for a party. After the building shook, things started to pick up when the Statue of Liberty's head came flying out of the air. From that point onwards, I didn't relax through the whole movie. There were people trying to evacuate, there were soldiers and things going boom! The movie followed 4 people (via camcorder) from the party trying to get out of the city, and then they go back to get a friend who's in trouble. And the tension escalates, because we get to see that there is something (giant bug?) attacking the city and dropping little versions of itself or it's soldiers. I'm getting the creeps just remembering some of those scenes. And I have to add that once again the movies put a tourniquet on to a leg that was bleeding - BAD move, unless you want to lose the rest of the leg below the tourniquet.

"I am legend" was the second movie that we saw, after lunch. Another movie with intense scenes, plus some sad ones too. The intense scenes started out simple. He went into a dark building, after his dog, with his gun drawn. So now I'm wondering what is hiding in the dark. And it jumps out at you! It was a human, now it's something else that only comes out after dark. Turns out the hero is a scientist who was at ground zero trying to find a cure for this rampant disease which turns people not immune to it, into monsters; this disease was the result of a cure for cancer. The scientist was sending his wife and child away to a safe zone, when things went fluey and they died. Now his only companion for the past three years, his dog, was bitten by the monsters and he still does not have a cure.

Overall, two good movies that make you jump, and give you the heebee-jeebies. Wish I had put a light-hearted comedy into the mix after those two.

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