Favorite movie

Favorite movie
The thin man

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Took a look at "all-consuming"

Since a monthly look is being done at websites. I took a look at this month's offer "All Consuming" and created my own account. I've added a few books that I've read and am currently reading, and a movie or two, so far. There is still a lot more to add and explore. But I'm thinking that this might be a better way to keep track of past and current reading lists, at least over Library Thing. Mainly because I haven't read about a limit on the site, while Library Thing does have a limit of 200 books, unless you purchase a membership.

All consuming is allowing me to keep track of what I am currently reading, which will be nice in the future. But it is the ability to keep track of past books that I have read and liked that is a really nice thing. Sadly, I won't be able to remember every single book from the past. But I won't be saying that in the future if I remember to stay on top of things.

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