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Favorite movie
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back from the land of the sick

Recently, my loving husband passed along a kiss to me. Sadly, that kiss also included the germs for Strep B or Strep Meridian. Now, I had never in my life had strep throat and I had no idea that there was more than 1 copy of strep. I learned that the strain I had was nothing to fool around with. If you have strep B, and you do not treat, and if you got the flu on top of the strep there was a chance that you could come down with pneumonia.

I took my antibiotics like a good girl and never felt anything from the strep until the end. Whereupon, my strep ended and I developed a common cold. My voice barely held out through the end of the week. And I welcomed the week-end, the long week-end since I had taken a few days off. I used that time to rest instead of party and I finally feel symptom free. Woohoo!!!

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