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Favorite movie
The thin man

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thing #7 - Technology

I like to think of technology as both a tool and a toy. I've learned that makes it easier to learn about it and not be afraid to play around with it and make mistakes. 'Cause while I might have learned a few things, there's still lots out there. So, I guess that means lots more playtime, hmmm?

I like the convience of web technology. It lets me keep track of my favorite authors and what they are putting out. I'll even head over to the publishers website to see what books they have coming out this month.

I have my very own geek who tries to keep me technology oriented. So far, he has gotten me to play around (a little bit) with an IPAQ - I've a list of all my dvd's on the storage card, along with my sci-fi collection. Now, he wants me to figure out the mp3 player. And yes, I've added a few songs to it and listened. But I'm now thinking of seeing if I can add an audiobook to it. Even more reading time (hehee)!

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