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Favorite movie
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Friday, November 2, 2007

Being sick puts one behind on things - THING #9

Sally was right when she said that this is one of the hardest things we would have to do on this project. I remember taking a quick look at the whole thing during our catch up week 3.5 and thinking "Oh my god - help". Then I got sick. So, now I'm trying again.

I took a look at the provided link to bloglines search tool. And thought "that's it?". I don't want to have to think at this point. In the end, I liked the directory better, which allows you to take a look at a bunch of feeds that they have on hand, to pick and choose.

When I selected the feedster link, it took me to the homepage and gave me the message "We're sorry, the content service timed out while communicating with this site. Please notify support@feedster.com." But I persevered and in the search box I typed in "chocolate". I got a whole bunch of random searches which I started to skim through. I looked at the one that said something about lasik eye surgery center, thinking "what?" and I clicked. It turns out it was a page with links to the Spokane Journal of Business (Eye Lasik) and the South Florida Business Journal (Winn-Dixie stores recall...). But I did get the option to make a widget. Hmm, maybe next time.

The next option was topix net. First thought, ooohhh, I like this. The page comes up with Spokane news. And it looks like the searching might (fingers fully crossed) be easier, searching is by topic, city, state, or postal code.

Okay, after looking at Syndic8 (too busy screen with too much information, then lots of scrolling when you choose the option news), I took a look at the last option, technorati. Interesting, but with it constantly updating, I missed a news article that I wanted to check out which I had noticed as I was clicking on another link.

While this activity could be construed as a useful learning tool, and I might try to use topix net some other time. I think that if I want to add more feeds to my bloglines account, it'll be because I am perusing some information that regularly updats and I want to keep track of the site.

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