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Favorite movie
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thing #20 - SPL's access to music libraries

I took this opportunity to play around and listen to a few songs from each site that SPL has on offer. Starting with the Classical Music Library, I browsed through their catagories on offer. I scrolled through the catagories of vocal & choral, nursery rhymes - listened to "Hey Diddle Diddle". Then I moved onto the stage & screen catagory, TV music - choosing a few from "The Sword in the Stone". There was a lot of music to choose. I tried to find things that I would recognize, so after seeing something from the "Fiddler on the Roof", I tried to find the artist Topol and came up with zilch. I also played around with the sound quality, changing it from 22kbps to the higher quality of 64kbps. The sound was a bit richer on 64kbps, but you could still hear the scratches from the recordings.

Next, I moved on and listened to the African American Song. Since I'm not a big jazz fan, I didn't recognize a lot of songs in that catagory. But I moved on and tried the stage and screen catagory. The sound quality between classican music library and the African American song were similiar. To me, the choices were a bit obscure because I had never listened to a lot of the genres. I did notice that they had 4 choices under the rock genre, and I didn't recognize them; but that could be explained because the timeline only goes up to 1970.

And finally, I moved onto Smithsonian Global Sound. I found that when I clicked on a catagory selection, that I had a huge list to scroll through, page by page. That got old, so I decided to try browsing by A-Z, in the genre area. There are over 3000 songs in the children's catagory! So, I scrolled and jumped through and listened to a few. There were some titles that I hadn't seen in years (A frog went a'courtin') and some that I had never seen because they're from another country.

This could be something fun to do if you had your computer in an area where you could play the music and actually get something accomplished (chore-wise), else I would spend a lot of time making a playlist and while that played I would be playing games or doing research on the computer. I'll have to remember to tell my husband about this feature, he's the one who listens to a variety of music.

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