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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marjorie Liu's TIGER EYE is coming out as a game April 2010!

The world of "Tiger Eye" by Marjorie Liu has been turned into a game by Passion Fruit Games. It will be out in April 2010 for download only.

Delilah "Dela" Reese is the heroine. Her family are psi-talented. Dela's talent is an affinity to metal. She can read any metal and learn it's history, who created it and who used it. She is in China on a business trip. During her exploration of the dirt market, Dela buys a curious riddle box. A strange gentleman tries to buy it from her, forcefully. Refusing him, Dela headed back to her hotel and started to work with the box. She solves the riddle of the box and release Hari, a tiger shapeshifter who had been imprisoned in the box for over 2,000 years. It has been his curse to serve whosoever releases him from the box. Now, a modern day woman is his mistress, and she doesn't believe in slavery. Plus his old enemy, the Magi, is still lurking around with his own agenda for Hari.

This is a casual interactive game that tells the "Tiger Eye" story, so it is not necessary to have first read the book. There are puzzles, brainteasers and other mini games in the story to advance your character. Available for PC and MAC.

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