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Favorite movie
The thin man

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Literary Escapism has a mini-challenge for April. Read 5 new authors, from 2 lists (found on LE's website), between April 1st - 30th, and write up a review on your blog. Of course you do need to put in a link to your review. But that's what Mr. Linky is for.
The hard part is going to be choosing authors. Because as I go through the list I have to eliminate those I've already read.
So the 5 authors that I am going to put on the list to read this month are:
1. Melissa Marr - Fangs, Fur & Fey
2. Rachel Vincent - Deadline Dames
3. Jocelynn Drake - FFF
4. Tim Pratt - FFF
5. Jenna Black - DD
Let my reading commence!

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