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Favorite movie
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

The story: Mira is a nightwalker (a.k.a. vampire). She is an enforcer for the mysterious Coven, sent to the New World (United States). Her mastery of fire sets her apart from the other nightwalkers. She is their executioner if they step over the rules.

A new foe has entered her domain. He is Danaus, a vampire hunter. He has come for Mira, seeking answers and her death.

But there is another race, an old foe of the nightwalkers, mostly banished from Earth. And they want to come home. Now is the time for vampire and hunter to join forces or face an unwelcome death.

Ms. Drake has written a dark story; set in another place where vampires, werewolves and magic is real, but hidden from most humans. Mira, while physically strong, has her weaknesses. She has a past that she prefers to forget/ignore, at least until it slaps her upside the head. She acts fearlessly, knowing that there are others stronger than she is, but she won't willingly bow her head to anyone whom she doesn't respect. She's a fighter, fighting for her right to live her life her way. Danaus is just as strong, in his way. He fights for his beliefs in right and wrong. But there is still much hidden about him, and he does not willingly open himself, allowing his secrets to be spilled.

I really enjoyed this story, so much so, that I will be reading the next in the series until I am all caught up.

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