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Friday, November 16, 2007

Technorati - thing 14

I started this exercise first by looking for the 3 things that I needed: blog posts, tags, and the blog directory. I couldn't see them on the homepage, so I just typed "learning 2.0" into the search box. From the resulting search I found the tabs for post, blogs, videos and photos. The first look gave me a bunch of information on learning, 2.0, and learning 2.0. So I decided an advance search would be the best option to find the exact phrase (hopefully the blog about knowing your customer won't show up in my results).

The advance search with the exact phrase option gave me more accurate search results in the postings. I had a little bit of fun going thru and reading from some of the postings given. I found a mention of a blog called "Rather Graphic", from a blog by SoulSoup 2.0, that was kind of fun. As noted by SoulSoup, "Rather Graphic" uses hand-drawn graphics and maps about various topics. Here's a link to that blog page of SoulSoup's (finger's fully crossed this works).


I took a look at the blogs tab. There's a lot of links to blogs there, but not much in the way of quick summaries. So, I would just be guessing if I said that there was the same information or not.

And I just could not find any tabs in regards to tags. Except for what I found on people's blogs, under I am assuming the blog directory "listed as blogs", because I did not find any tags under the posts tabs. Then I went back to the posts tab and saw this following note attached to the tab "Search in tags only of blogs with some authority in English [change]". But that note was not there when I first searched, it had said "search in posts...". Very confusing.

If I needed to use blogs as a source of information, then I would definitely be interested in holding onto the technorati web address. However, I really don't follow blogs a lot. So I will probably not use this feature in the future, but thanks (to the SPL2.0) for pointing the way to it.

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