Favorite movie

Favorite movie
The thin man

Saturday, December 15, 2007

And last but not least #23 - Reflecting

I can sum up these last few weeks in a few thoughts. I experienced frustration, eagerness, laughter and more frustrated hair-pulling. But this can also be used to describe all learning experiences. I am a firm believer in learning new things, so I enjoyed the time I spent on this project and would welcome another opportunity.

I loved the opportunity to read through my co-workers postings, it gave an insight into their thoughts and humor. If I was able to figure out who was who, sometimes I would really laugh hard 'cause I'd have a known voice to go with the writings.

I really enjoyed learning about and playing with the mashups and the wikis. The newsreaders and rss' were confusing at first, but once figured out, gave me more than enough to keep track of - kinda feel guilty if I fall too far behind on the news, 'cause I know I won't read it. And I just do not see myself using rollyo in the future, unless I start a new career where I need to keep track of specific searches; or the online office applications, simply because I have office at home.

Now all I need to do is figure out which thing I learned that will give me the best chance of my family learning and using it to stay connected by adding pieces to it. Almost like a family blog with extras.

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