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Favorite movie
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thing #21 - Podcasts, Smodcasts!

I've heard about podcasts - that they're neat and informative and fun. I started looking at the 3 given directories. At podcast, I typed in library news and got 1 item about SirsiDynix Institute. Since I didn't feel like listening to that I tried another search this time book reviews. And it looks like I get a lot (100) of podcasts involving reviews on anything and everything. And the final keyword search "libraries" looks like it has turned something up.

If I was interested and I knew how to speak Italian, I could listen to a podcast on library news in Italian. Hmmmm, motivation there, but sadly no time. There were 2 other promising casts, the first one is teenlibrarian and the second is teleread (about e-books).

Both podcast and yahoo were just seach engines for the podcasts, didn't have a lot of excessive information on the screen. Might be nice for some, but I wanted a little help at first. Which is why I liked the looks and style of podcastalley. I had learned my lesson from the first searching, so I just typed in libraries and got 27 hits. It's so easy! You click on one and a short menu unfolds to give you a description and the option to get the podcast. I think I'll put any podcasts off to the sidebar. And then I shall explore more...

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